Introducing the SGS International Team!

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Sidney oversees all SGS investments, developments, designs and constructions. 

A champion of collaboration, design and investment, Sidney has led over 400 residential and commercial projects to a successful conclusion over the past three decades in Southern California. Sidney is adept at solving complex design problems with logic and intuition, and with the solutions thoroughly developed to meet all demands of the stakeholder. 

Sidney sets the vision at SGS and uses his wealth of experience to mentor an international multi-talented team of managers and designers with a simple goal of "Creating Value For Life." 

Sidney holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Taiwan, and a Master of Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture. Good to be here. 



Gary is responsible for SGS’s investment strategy, identifying new investments opportunities, due diligence, financial analysis, new business development and project management. 

As a CFO, Gary is responsible for financial planning and accountability throughout the entire SGS Organization.

Prior to founding SGS International, Gary was a job captain and project designer at STV Group Inc in Downtown Los Angeles. High profile projects include the CA High-speed Rail Project, various Caltran Metrolink projects, and LAUSD Projects, such as VRES #13 & Fulton Preparatory College. Gary holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects and a United States Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional.



Kate is responsible for SGS's construction and financial management of SGS'S luxury residential projects. 

As a Director at SGS, Kate works closely with subcontractors, consultants, engineers, and city officials to lead projects from concept to implementation. 

Kate is an inspirational leader in the company overseeing all aspect of corporate planning. Prior to working at SGS Kate was an associate project engineer at Italian-Thai Development Inc a Bangkok based development firm where she was a member of the elevated light-rail infrastructure team. Kate holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the Thammasat University, Thailand and a Master of Engineering Management from California State University, Northridge. 



Samuel leads the development and execution of the Company's long term vision across SGS departments, with a view to implementing an awesome culture, high-standards of ethics&conduct, and good business practices. 

Specific roles, in addition to providing leadership and mentor-ship to the larger team, includes entitlement, project contracting, city inspections, project finances and property disposition. 

Prior to founding SGS, Samuel was a project manager for AMAPM Inc. with responsibilities on projects whose budgets ranged from 5 million to 70 million dollars. Samuel holds a Master in Real Estate Development and Project Management from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California. Samuel is a United States Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional. 



CiCi oversees all SGS design, including, architectural design, interior design, interior decoration. 

As Director at SGS, CiCi regularly attends design seminars and showcases featuring SGS work, and lead the entire design team.

CiCi’s experience demonstrates her focus to enrich people’s lives with spaces gracefully designed, well-balanced, and aesthetically pleasing, while solving complex day-to-day and intellectual challenges. CiCi is responsible for project due diligence, planning, concept design, design development, construction documentation, and interior design. CiCi has over ten years of professional architectural design, including one year internship in two award winning Japanese architecture firm. Prior to founding Studio Quartet, CiCi implemented her design acumen through her works at Studio 0.10, Cannon Design, Atelier Bow-wow Tokyo, C+A Tokyo, and Gensler Los Angeles. CiCi holds a Master of Architecture-II from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California. CiCi is a United States Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional and an Associate AIA.  



Tingting knew that she wanted to be an architect from childhood, since then she set course for an international education where she would follow her passion to be an architect.

With a background in Applied Mathematics, her design is an inspiration between Mathematical logic and an aesthetic vision. Tingting's approach to design combines parameterization, algorithms, and geometric principles, to exploring new realm of possibilities in architecture and design. 

Prior to joining SGS, Tingting was an associate at Michael Lee Architects where she was responsible for design development and project coordination. Tingting also gained valuable professional experience in China as a project coordinator for large scale residential development. She holds a Bachelor of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics from Tianjin University, and a Master of Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture.  

Elton Tse

Project Coordinator

Hoc Sy

Project Coordinator

Melody Fan

Architectural Designer

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